Saturday, 12 July 2014

Catching souls

How do you breathe life back to what's already gone?
How do you catch a soul escaping a body?

An expired time.

So today, I was walking around Ueno with a friend of mine. We came upon around three people collapsed on the ground in different places at different times. First one was near building, suffering from heat stroke and luckily being handed water by a young troubled security guard who was trying his best to remain calm but as he spoke through his transmitting device or whatever you call it. The other was inside a restaurant  we were walking past.  Under the Noren (The short japanese curtains hung at the entrance of stores and restaurants), we could clearly see him passed out  on the ground- right at the entrance and surprisingly no one seemed to be doing anything. Not the people in the restaurant nor the staffs themselves. So I am just assuming that guy was probably dead drunk.

The third one- wasn't heat stroke nor overdosed on alcohol. We were at the train station and slowly climbing the stairs towards the platform. As soon as my eyes met the ground of the platform, to my left I witnessed a man drop dead in an instant.

I have lived for 18 springs on this planet but this is the first time, I saw life at its end right before my very eyes.  Station attendants ran, put the man (with grey hair) on the stretcher and tried to divert the crazy crowd that was jumping out of the JR yamanote train from the right and charging towards the blue train (I have never seen before) on the left. 

I got onto my JR line on the right and watched out of the window as the two station attendants tried to  get ahold of the man and the third one, trying to get the crowded lining up for the train to move out of the way.

Even after a while, my train wasn't moving and I could barely make out the automatic Japanese announcer apologising and whatnot. So I got out of the train and made my way to the platform on the left side. Only then, did the paramedics come in sight. Three men uniformed in sky blue, running towards me with urgency. (The colour had me fooled!) and one of them, missed the man and went far ahead and his colleague has to call him back. 

They tried to bring him back to life. (Funny I used to listen to  Evanesence plead for life and no one seemed to be doing anything). 

As I slowly got on the blue lined train along with the other passengers. I watched as human beings tried to slow down the cycle of life. 

What was the man thinking when he left his house this morning? Did he know his time would come soon? Without a warning, to collapse at a train station surround by strangers who aren't affected at all for they don't know him. Did he have any idea- wasn't there any signs? What about his dreams?  Did he try to fight against the shutter of his eyes?

The train slowly drew away as all eyes followed the last image of the scene in silence. During the whole time, I couldn't see his face- only managing to catch a glimpse of his grey hair and his white collared shirt. We watched the six men tried their best to change the course of fate but in vain. Oxygen mask and other equipments but the man never lifted a finger. 
When we were out of sight, people returned back to their normal conversations except one, 
that caught my attention. "Looks like Heart attack."

It was only once that I reached Akihabara station that I stopped and realised,  "I may have just watched the death of a man right in front of my eyes" but slowly like million other hapless living creatures, I drowned myself in the crowd  that cannot seem to be able to grasp hold of tomorrow. 

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