Monday, 11 November 2013

Signs from Above?

Dreams, Signs, Messages-

You know how people over the centuries have received messages and signs in their dreams from the heavens above so they sought out to deliver those messages however only to end up either being killed or only accepted during their last breath?

Well, my friends. I am happy to announce that I have been chosen by my great one to connect the signs.

Yes, Last night I had a dream.
A dream about ONE OK ROCK.
[Image from google]

A dream-so vivid; Pulling other girls' extension to fight for the front row, speaking German(which I am pretty sure was dzongkha). I was pulled up on stage and I started singing ENKA with Ryota. As I shook Taka's hand in a stadium, I kept telling myself to not wake up.
That it would all end.

But then BAM!

11:00a.m (At an unusual early hour) I woke up.
I grabbed my phone from my side table and swiped it open.

All of a sudden  I see a Facebook message from my friend, linking me to a page holding a contest for ONE OK ROCK'S meet and greet in Singapore.
Yes, and while I was busy typing, my brother(OUT OF NOOOOOWHERE) whatsapped me an image of the the contest.
My body became a ball of goosebumps.
I rolled out of bed but only after checking underneath my pillow to make sure Taka's autograph didn't come sucking out of my dream.

There was nothing.

However, my conclusion is
It's ONE OK ROCK sending me signs!!!!!!

The Contest being: Taking picture with a sign saying why we love One Ok Rock.(T__T)
It's like asking my mum why did she give birth to an awesome child like me? (although I am sure there are lesser reasons for that)
However, honestly if anyone manages to give the reason why in less than a day, their LOVE MUST BE FAAAAAAAKE!!!

The funny part is just a month ago, they were holding a fan art contest for the MEET&GREET.

At first, I was pulling my hair and collecting my creativity juice but as I started to pen down my idea, I had this weird feeling. I mean, I love One Ok Rock and their songs. I am willing to stalk them around the world for their concerts but do I really wanna meet them up face to face?
It's like having a crush on Hitler from the photos but would you REALLY WANT TO MEET THE GUY? O_O

Having my dream come true is fantastic but I feel that some dreams should be left unfulfilled.
It wasn't until I heard my mum told my sister that our fates are never meant to cross those of the famous people.
(I think this could also be an advice for NOT ALL but THOSE crazy Kpop fans who are soooo desperate from the moment they get out of bed to the time they get in bed, their minds; intoxicated with Korean idols)

(BUUUUT if any Korean actors or singers are reading this post, three words for you "TAKE A HIKE!"
Thanks for converting my mum and sister into one of ur groupies (T^T))

Well, anyway my point is (or actually was)
That in my head, I already have an image of One Ok Rock and meeting them, I fear might just change those images that I have built up over these years of worshipping them.

However, today everything- everthing that I stood for came crashing down when One Ok Rock walked into my dreams unannounced. I mean I don't even see my crushes in my dream apart from old haunted ships(baby sitting ghosts), getting married to Fox spirits and buring potato fields.

To think that One Ok Rock dared to break down the portal that even relevant people in my life have failed to knock on, I must admit I was taken by suprise.

And for that, I pledge my loyalty and offer my Fan taxes to ONE OK ROCK for eternity.

Gummy Sonam