Wednesday, 4 September 2013

10 Unreasonable Birthday Wishes of an 18 year old TCKid

Oh  meeeeeer geeeerd!!!
Who doesn't love birthday posts??!!!

Greetings Earthlings and TCKs, reporting from Doha is now the changed and matured by a day, 18 year old Sonam who regardless of her special day is being worked to bones by her elder sister (since she is no longer protected by child protection agencies and child labor laws and is just there in society, a fresh meat for cheap labor.) 

Few months back I was so excited about turning 18 and no longer having to fill in sections of forms that have 'for below 18 years, parents approval'.
  However, for this past week, I have come to a realization, I am now liable for killing people with my awesomeness and might even end up in a real-adult prison. 

So today's post as stated is going to be my birthday wishes... (If adults are reading this, I hope they get the 'hint') 

1)World Peace 
    Thanks for all the 'be nice to your neighbor' talks during kindergarten. Now, if you re done hating, let us make peace. 
   (So TCKs can travel the world without hassle about war-zones, 

2) Website domains 
   Can governments be more considerate towards TCKs who want to start online businesses? No, I don't want to buy my website name from a specific country and abide by their laws when I am ten million miles away from that country!
And plan on 'gypsing' my way out of the current one. 

3) Visa on arrival for TCKs?
    Yes, your country is beautiful and I would love to visit it but the procedure is killing me. Why are you so worried? I like your country but I have no intention of becoming an illegal immigrant over there. Thanks

4) Shipping costs. 
     I am sick and tired of having to pay double for the shipping cost than the actual content of my parcel. Either they lower the price for shipping or I begin my mission on creating a teleportation device >:( 

5) Yakuzas 
    If you are reading this post, just two words, " MARRY ME!" I m now of marriageable age. *flutters eyelashes*

6) One Ok Rock 
     Three words, " MARRY ME NOW!" 
Plus heeeey, it's Ryota's birthday too today. There is something great about being born on the 4th of September. (Beyonce, Ryota, Yuichi Nakamaru and of course Alexander III of Scotland) I can already smell the greatness that I have yet to awaken.

7) Mars 
    Yes, I would love a ticket to Mars without having to go through the selection process and physical tests. 

8) Tuition fees 
   If the world is trying to dumb down its population. I think it's doing a great job. In a world where guns and war machines are cheaper than education, whoever is in charge needs to give a full explanation for why the rise in tuition fees somehow correlates to the increase of dumb and ignorant people. (No hates) Our ancestors have fought over centuries to make education (a privilege for the high class), a neccesity for all classes of our generation yet some greedy prick turns up and decided to sell education for a higher price every semester. 

9) Asian actors for Asian Scripts 
 Hollywood, yes I m looking at you. I am not proud of you with what you did to
Dragon Ball Z but nevertheless, here is one more chance to prove your worth. Do not disappoint me. 

10) A World with one SIM card! 
     I am tired of changing phone numbers everytime I go to another country and getting a new number is such a hassle.  I have to beg to get readded into my group conversations over whatsapp and even after I do,I can no longer see the history of the conversation and how hilarious I was. 

Yep, there you go. 
I do have more on the list but can't be too greedy. I stil have many birthdays to go so I'll take it one step at a time. 

And remind me to wish for "An Asian appreciation day" on my next birthday where all chinkey-eyed Asians are given discounts and day off work 

Happy Legally doing things I have been doing since I was 5 years old. 

-Gummy Sonam 


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