Friday, 23 August 2013

Launching of TCK Syndrome

"When you have a dream, be prepared to fail," 
A whole day of running around dodgy places, taking public transports and encountering stingy people has now finally let me see a glimpse of my new dream become reality.  
Starting a business is tough. 
Negotiating is even tougher- 
But despite all that, I won't let these little things rain on the parade of my TCK Syndrome's tshirt line. 

Introducing the first debut shirt!

[Yes, my own face that comes in three different colors.]  Only 13 pieces of which I own 2, this shirt is limited edition because this is to celebrate the birth of TCK Syndrome. 
[the second version of the print] 

Within this two days of dealing with 'business', I have definitely learnt a great deal and I have made enough mistakes to learn from it. 
Guess creativity isn't all when it comes to selling. The price, the resources and all come to account. 

At least I m two days wiser 

[Contemplating over ocha and Katsu Don after traveling around KL with my friend the whole day in search of shirt printing stores].

  Keep screwing up and learning, , 
-Gummy Sonam 

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