Saturday, 17 August 2013

My mission and me

"Don't feel sad about leaving a place behind,
  Feel excited about getting to a place ahead."

The first post always makes the first impression, right? 
But I have never given anyone a strong first impression so I would rather you take time reading my blog than judge me based on the content of my first post. 
(Nice way to promote my blog, right? Hehe)

Why T.C.K Syndrome? 
What's T.C.K? 

T. C.K stands for 'Third Culture Kid' who grew up away from their parents' culture. A Normad/ gypsy is what one is normally called. 

[Yes, take a moment- Wikipedia 'T.C.K' and learn more about our kind]
Being a T.C.K is to constantly fret over the future you can't picture, having difficulties connecting with non t.c.k's but above all, having a knack for traveling and being plain exotic.
To have a home yet not have a home. 

Originally Bhutanese, my developing years was spent going through my rebellious stage in the Middle East.  (Qatar to be exact) 
I grew up among a community made up of more T.C.Ks and less non t.c.ks. 
And at seventeen, I have been allowed to run wild in places without my parents or anyone else to put me on a leash. (Like Malaysia- my current destination)

  There is more to me that just this (i swear i am not lying) but I always find it bothersome to write about me. 

Now to why T.C.K syndrome? 
I want to reach out to other third culture kids who feel like they don't have a home and studies show that although T.C.Ks do better than their non TCKs friends in school, they have the hardest time choosing what they want to do in life. 

I want to create a home within the Internet space and a platform for displaying the unique fusion of cultures TCKs have collected( like pokemons) all around the world.  

This blog is to keep track of my travels, fashion, food, photography, my friends and my philosophical thoughts. ( yes, I have my deep moments) and also to discover other TCKs. 

I also want to show the Bhutanese youth the real world outside of the T.V. 

So spread some love and get infected with the TCK syndrome. 

- Gummy Sonam

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